Myanmar Maid Agency In Singapore

Housemaid is a web portal that is well known in Singapore for finding the perfect maid for the household. This includes Myanmar maids who are currently ranked as the third top popular choice of maids for employers in Singapore besides the Philippines maids and Indonesia maids.

There is an estimated total number of thirty thousand women from Myanmar who are hired by employers in Singapore to work as foreign domestic workers. Myanmar is a country that was formerly known as Burma. With the hospitable and simple nature of the Burmese people, there has been an increase in demand for Myanmar maids. They are widely known for their reputably good working attitudes and easy-going personalities.

It was reported in The Straits Times on 5th June 2015 that Myanmar has introduced new restrictions on maids for Singapore again. Singapore maid agencies commented that there were around five hundred women affected in Myanmar who were prevented from traveling out of Myanmar to find work in Singapore as foreign domestic workers for the last few weeks.

There are more than fifteen maid agencies which are affected. Previously, the Myanmar government banned its women from coming to Singapore to work as maids in September 2014 for a period of five months after learning that there had been rising trend of their maids being ill-treated and abused. However, many agencies exploited a loophole in the ruling by applying visitor visas for the Myanmar women to come to Singapore as tourists first before they are employed to work as maids.

Some agencies even resorted to arrange the Myanmar women to travel to another different country first before arriving in Singapore to work as maids. The Myanmar government realized this loophole and decided to close it, but enforcing the regulation is not easy. In the beginning of 2014, the Myanmar government aims to have their maids working in Singapore to be given at least four hundred and fifty dollars for one month of salary. This is in additional benefit of a minimum of one day off during every month that they worked. The agent fees for arranging them to come over to Singapore to work as maids are capped at a maximum of four times of what they are paid in a month.

Housemaid portal ensures that its agencies source for the Myanmar maid in a legitimate way and does not engage in such undesirable loopholes. Employers can be rest assured that they will not be faced with fines or penalties by hiring a Myanmar maid from an unofficial channel.

This is even more crucial now as the Myanmar is clamping down on such illegitimate activities. With the recent shortage of Myanmar maids, it is important to use the best web portal such as Housemaid so that the success rate of finding the most suitable Myanmar maid is higher. Housemaid provides bio data of the Myanmar maids on its portal such that the potential employers can review them instantly at their leisure before short listing a few to find out more.

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