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Housemaid is a maid matching portal that also updates its viewers about the latest news of maids working in Singapore.The current cost of an Indonesian maid working for a Singaporean home is five hundred Singapore dollars.

However, this is expected to increase by fifty Singapore dollars, starting from the year 2016. This is because of a recent announcement by the Indonesian Embassy to increase the minimum wage of maids that come from Indonesia. The previous wage increase was in 2014 where the amount was increased from four hundred and fifty to five hundred Singapore dollars.

The total number of Indonesian maids working in Singapore is around one hundred and twenty five thousands. This contributes approximately half of the total number of maids working in Singapore. The new rule will take effect starting from January 2016. The increased minimum wage applies to domestic helpers coming to work here from January 2016, and those renewing their contracts from January 2016.

The reason given by Sukmo Yuwono who is the Indonesian counselor is that the Indonesian government is trying to protect the income of their domestic workers who leave their country to work overseas. As Singapore does not practice a minimum wage system for the foreign domestic workers compared to other countries such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, the Indonesia government has to make the decision to impose the salary increase.

Since the fifty Singapore dollars increase represent a ten percent increase to the current Indonesia maid salary, more Indonesian women may be attracted to come to work in Singapore. However, employers in Singapore may feel that the increase in salary is becoming more often and may shun against hiring Indonesia maids. These employers may consider other alternatives such as domestic workers that come from Philippines or Myanmar instead.

Maid agencies in Singapore are required to adhere to the new salary increase starting from January 2016. If not, they run the risk of being barred from recruiting any Indonesia maids in future by the Indonesian government. Lately, there was a story about an Indonesian maid who encountered a hard-sell tactics by a beauty salon on 8th November 2015.

The Indonesia maid chanced upon a beauty salon in Toa Pay oh while she happened to be there. She was attracted by a promotion that charged $40 for eyebrow tatt0oes. She decided to try it since it was much cheaper than the $60 that she did previously at another salon. When she went into the shop, the therapist immediately tried to hard-sell her into doing another type of eyebrow embroidery which is able to last three years.

The therapist convinced the maid with a 50 percent discount but did not reveal the actual price beforehand. The therapist also managed to persuade the maid to purchase additional skincare products. The final bill came to $816 which is much more than what she can bear. The maid had to call her employer who rushed down to the salon. Her employer eventually settled the treatment to $400 and refunded the skincare products.

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