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Housemaid is a web portal that contains the latest news concerning maids in Singapore. In Singapore, a person who is convicted of voluntarily causing hurt to a foreign domestic helper may be sentenced by the court with a maximum jail term of three years and a fine of up to $7,500.

This acts to deter employers from abusing their foreign domestic workers under the Singapore law. However, there are still cases where employers continue to hurt their foreign domestic workers despite the possibility that the foreign domestic workers may seek help against the actions.

For example, there was a recent case where a businesswoman was sentenced to nine months of mandatory treatment order(MTO). She was accused of hitting the maid with a water bottle that is made of aluminum on her forehead. The maid suffered bleeding on her forehead as a result of the impact. She was also charged with hitting her maid on her palm and forehead using a plastic ruler.

The maid was wounded with several cuts on her forehead. What was inhuman was that she was not allowed to see a doctor so that the wounds can be treated properly. In other incident, the maid was also punched on the face several times.Violence has occurred in all these incidents and the maid is the unfortunate victim who suffered injuries as a result of these violent acts inflicted by the employer.

Even though it is necessary to sentence a harsh punishment to the employer so that the justice of violent offenses committed is returned to the maid, the harsh sentence may not serve the society well as long as the employer does not repent if her violent innate character does not improve. As such, the mandatory treatment order may serve as a better alternative in the hope that the offender has a higher chance to improve her violent nature.

The mandatory treatment order is part of the Community-Based Sentencing (CBS) options which was instituted into the Criminal Procedure Code 2010 so that there are additional options to sentence an offense. The judges have a few more softer options to consider when dealing with less serious offenses.When a case falls within the suitability of such purview, these softer alternative options will be looked at by the Community Court.

The Community-Based Sentencing was instituted on January 2011. Since then, the Community Court Secretariat (CCS) has started to be more involved in the sentencing of suitable offenses which may prove to be a better alternative to the society in the long run. Besides giving support to all the courts with regards to the realization and execution of CBS options, it also acts as the starting point to arrange the necessary steps with the appropriate government agencies such as MSF, Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore Prison Service, and Institute of Mental Health. Without this coordination to come out with the appropriate support from the community and the required related resources, it will not be possible to run the CBS options.

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